Tamar Lalo

Tamar Lalo Recorders

Enrike Solinís

Enrike Solinís Baroque guitar

Daniel Zapico

Daniel Zapico Theorbo

Ignacio Prego

Ignacio Prego Harpsichord

Daniel Oyarzábal

Daniel Oyarzábal Organ

Hiro Kurosaki

Hiro Kurosaki Violin

Lina Tur Bonet

Lina Tur Bonet Violin

Miren Zeberio

Miren Zeberio Violin

Daniel Lorenzo

Daniel Lorenzo Viola

David Mayoral

David Mayoral Percussion

Like other groups involved in period performance, La Ritirata will vary the precise make-up of its ensemble according to the specific requirements demanded by each composer, period or style.

Besides the regular players in the group, the following – from among a large number – instrumentalists have taken part with us: Masato Suzuki and Alberto Martinez Molina, harpsichord; Vega Montero, violone; Sara Águeda, triple harp; Pablo Zapico, archlute; Rodrigo Gutiérrez, oboe and Quim Guerra, fagot, etc.

La Ritirata